The Trailer For Steven Soderbergh's New Movie He Shot On An iPhone Shows Us Exactly Why They Don't Shoot Movies On iPhones

Yahoo- Unsane is the upcoming psychological horror film starring Claire Foy (The Crown), and taking a cue from Sean Baker’s Tangerine, it was shot by Soderbergh using an iPhone. That formal gambit will no doubt make the upcoming film one of the spring’s most fascinating releases, and its first trailer only bolsters that notion.

Listen, I like Steven Soderbergh. I like that he takes risks with his films, that he tries new things, and that he’s a “Why not?” guy. He’s a HUGE “Why not?” guy. Somebody is gonna have to step in with a big ol’ “Why?” at SOME POINT though. This looks horrible! Visually, as a movie, the acting, literally everything about it looks horrendous. It looks like if LifeTime tried to make a triller with the complexity of ‘Get Out’…using an iPhone.

Isn’t the whole point of using an iPhone to shoot this to show how far technology has come? I’d imagine he thought, “We’ll shoot the whole movie with an iPhone and visually, if we play with coloring and filters a bit, it’ll look like every other movie out there! Isn’t that gonna be amazing?!” but I just don’t think we’re there yet! Maybe if a different digital effects team was behind this project I’d eat my words, but this looks like a student arthouse flick. If I blogged this as “Check out the trailer for the worst movie ever made by kids in their first year of film school! It’s so bad it’s good!” you’d probably buy it. I’ll obviously see this movie because of how horrible it looks, but I doubt that was the intention. So Soderbergh, the next time you make a movie, let’s use some big boy cameras and call it a day. You’re better than this.