While Patriots Die Hard Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Care Who Wins, Lil Dicky Turned Down Super Bowl Tickets So He Can Riot In Philly On Sunday

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Lotta people have been asking me lately, “Hey, Jordie. Why aren’t you in Minneapolis with the rest of the Philly crew?”  Well here’s my answer. Because when the Eagles win on Sunday night, I want to be right there on Broad St rioting with LD and the rest of my city brethren. It’s not because I’m primarily a hockey blogger who would really have nothing to do in Minneapolis especially considering I’m not in the office thus have nothing to do with the current war between the Philly office crew and the Boston office crew. Heck, Dave was begging for me to go to Minneapolis. He said there is no possible way that they can go to Minnesota without me. I was flattered, but I had to kindly and respectfully turn down the offer so I could be in Philly and flood the streets when they win. Starting at Sto’s in Old City and probably rioting all the way to Delco to break out Meek.

And shoutout to Lil Dicky for having that same level of fandom and loyalty to the city. Despite how big he’s blown up over the last few years, he’s still a kid who was born out of Philly grew up in a little silly old town called Cheltenham. He’s not going to sell out and take a free ticket to the Super Bowl when he’s got his goon squad right here in the 215 getting all gassed up on riot juice and ready to go on the bender of a lifetime. You think anywhere in Minneapolis is going to be as wild as Frankford and Cottman? Hell no. You all saw the scene here after the NFC Championship win. Lil Dicky wants in on that action.

Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg is like the biggest Patriots fan in the entire world and he doesn’t give a shit who wins on Sunday. We’ve got Lil Dicky turning down Super Bowl tickets to be a part of the riots. I bet Mike Trout would rather the Eagles win a Super Bowl on Sunday than ever winning a World Series of his own with the Angels. Bradley Cooper would give a left nut for a Super Bowl. The celebrity Eagle fans are so much hungrier than the celebrity Patriot “fans” and I think we’ll see that same theme play out on the field come Sunday night.