A Friendly Reminder That The Patriots Stole Signals During The '04 Super Bowl Vs The Eagles

I am not here bitching. This is just a friendly reminder to Eagles and Eagle fans. We need to do anything we can to win. The Eagles got beat the last time. And the ways that the Patriots bent the rules shouldn’t matter, because at the end of the night they were holding the Lombardi Trophy. We just need to be cognizant of that. Whatever we have to do to win, we should be doing it, solely for the fact that the Patriots will be doing the same.

That’s the difference between the Eagles and Patriots fan bases and organizations. We know we’re scum. We’ll boo you, scream in your face, throw beers at you, sing in your establishment, punch your horse, and throw up on your kid. The Patriots present the guise of tradition and honor, while Tom and Bill sit behind closed doors, taping practices, stealing signs, deflating footballs, destroying evidence and leading lives of general malfeasance. And that’s fine. Because it’s worked for them. But we can’t fight fair while the other team is playing dirty. So I don’t give a fuck if we have to grease officials, bug the Patriots coaching box, poison Tom Brady’s strawberries or pound out nut-punches like Trish Stratus. Whatever it takes to win.

Brian Westbrook gave a nuanced answer to whether he felt cheated. He took blame for the Eagles foibles, but admitted the human side of him feels a little cheated.

It’s worth re-watching Super Bowl XXXIX. It’s worth reliving the loss, the fumbles, the interceptions, the vomit. It’s worth remembering how shitty it felt, just so we never have to live that again.