Some Folks In Philadelphia Are Already Talking About Trading Nick Foles, And Can We Not?

Nick Foles unlikely run to the Super Bowl (I still can’t believe this is a real thing) has engendered some thoughts that he might be a sexy trade option this off-season. Can we not? Can we not talk about this? Can we not focus on this? Can this not be a storyline? It’s not like Foles is going to be distracted by this, so that’s not the concern, but this is such a rare place for Eagles fans. This should be a week of sensory saturation, of breathing in the rarefied air. For many of us Eagles fans, this is the fourth week of our entire lives when we’ve been able to say “the Eagles are in the Super Bowl.” Can we not spend our time looking forward to the off-season?

I understand the argument it would actually be doing Foles a favor to give him a chance to be a starter somewhere else and that his trade value will never be higher. I understand that it would be impossible to say no for a first rounder and even tough to say no to a second. But Nick is ours now. He’s given us such a gift. I want to enjoy him while he’s here.

Meanwhile, former Eagles president Joe Banner thinks Foles value is overstated.

Luckily Nick Foles doesn’t give a fuck about what the media or anyone thinks, which is abundantly obvious from his outfit. 1:1 chance he’s bumping Incubus in those headphones.