Patriots Fans Are So Stupid, Haven't Learned To Keep Rocky Out Of This War

Hubris can be credited with the undoing of nearly all once dominant regimes. Hubris led to the demise of Napoleon. Hubris led to the demise of Hitler and the Nazis. And now Hubris will lead to the demise of the New England Patriots dynasty and you can all blame this Patriots fan for sparking the downfall.


How braindead can this Masshole possibly be? Uhhhhh hey, bozo, did you not see how this cute little move worked out for the Vikings in the NFC Championship game? Here’s a quick recap of how that went down.


Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.42.47 PM

Have you never seen any of the Rocky movies before? 2004 was the original Rocky. The Eagles were given a shot at a title match against the reigning champions of the world. They gave it their all but in the end they still came up short. But 2018? The rematch? Well this is Rocky II. And here’s a little spoiler alert for all you boys and girls back home–Rocky beats Apollo in Rocky 2. The champ goes down and the underdog from Philly puts an entire city on his back and lifts them to glory.

You’d think the last thing that Patriots fans would want to do right now is mess with Rocky and give the Rocky III narrative heading into Sunday any more juice. But that’s where the hubris comes in and now you’ve fucked up. The good news is that we get to become friends after this in Rocky III and I very much look forward to that. But for the time being, you’re all a bunch of idiots.

Sidenote: Am I going to have to sleep at the Rocky Statue for the next week to make sure no more Patriots fans attempt to deface it? Obviously they’re too scared to do it during the day time and will only attempt such a horrific act hidden in the darkness at night. So if I need to set up shop and patrol the Art Museum over night, then I’m there with a Leesa mattress.