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Knicks Reportedly Looking To Trade Joakim Noah After He Got Into An Altercation With Jeff Hornacek At Practice Last Week

(ALERT EMOJIS) SHAM WOW! THE KNICKS WANT TO TRADE JOAKIM NOAH!! This has to be the most shocking revelation in an NBA season filled with them.

Okay, truth be told there were rumors of this last week when Noah left the team in Denver after practicing that morning and citing “Personal reasons”. I was going to blog it then but thought about just how interesting news of Joakim Noah not playing for the Knicks is, the slight chance it could actually be a personal matter, and deleted my draft. But now that this report is out, it seems that the cat is out of the bag. And, ummmm, I guess it still doesn’t matter. Moving Joakim Noah would be easy if opposing GMs didn’t have access to things like stats, medical reports, game tape, and a basic understanding mathematics as well as how contracts work. But unfortunately GMs have access to all those things and more. The only thing I can think of is the Knicks opening every trade discussion with videos of Joakim Noah pissing off his opponents and their fans. There is always room for that on an NBA playoff roster.

I honestly still can’t believe the Knicks fell for this trap AGAIN. Signing a Bulls big man with an iffy medical situation to a huge contract. The Ghost of Eddy Curry will never leave this franchise. Truth be told, the Bulls have hurt the Knicks more in the 2000s than they did in the 1990s. At least in the 90s, it was from the outside. But to send double agents to ruin the team from the inside-out is straight up unfair. I actually would love to find out that this heated exchange was started by Hornacek in hopes that maybe Noah would hit him so the Knicks could void his contract, no matter how unlikely that is. Regardless, it seems like this Noah contract will now hang over the Knicks like all the legendary terrible Knicks contracts before it. Put Joakim’s contracts in the MSG rafters alongside Allan Houston’s and Jerome James’. Just when I think the Winter Mets can’t sink any lower, they again sign an already injured player on the decline to a terrible contract and it blows up in their face just as everyone knew it would. I was able to sneak a picture of Knicks GM Scott Perry trying to move the Noah contract, but things don’t seem to be going too well.

You almost have to appreciate just how bad Noah’s been for the Knicks in his short time here. As usual, the Knicks were a laughingstock on Twitter and everywhere else in the sports world once details of the contract came out. Then Noah offended a bunch of people by refusing to go to a team dinner at West Point. Then he played like dog shit, got hurt, and had his season ended three different ways (knee injury, shoulder injury, and banned supplement suspension) before being an absolute zero this season.

In fact, the only good thing Joakim Noah did as a Knick was smooch some chick in Ibiza right after he ski masked millions of James Dolan’s hard-earned silver-spooned money.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, the Knicks cut fan favorite Kuz to open up a spot for this dickhead.

KP knew all along…


Haven’t played this one in a while but it just feels right.