Why Won't Tom Brady's Daughter Go On WEEI To Defend Herself? MY COLUMN

Superbowl week is off to a interesting start, as Tom Brady kicked things off by hanging up on WEEI morning show because one of the stations hosts had insulted his 5 year old daughter for acting like a toddler.

So now weve heard from Brady, weve heard from the radio host, but it seem’s like the only person who hasnt weighed in his Bradys daughter, when she’s the one who brought this on herself by her dad having sex 6 years ago. I guess its easy for Dad to fight your fights for you when your conventiently too busy playing blocks or busy at snack to defend your own honor against Boston sports radio hosts. Its sad in this day in age that were teaching our children as young as preschool that its ok to hide from going on the radio just because you dont know how a phone works.

Say what you want about Riley Curry but at least she has the courage to face the media from the podium. You cant have it both ways being the daughter of a guy whose good at sports and also a human being- thats not how it works. WEEI technicaly pays your dads salary therefore every athetletes son or daughter becomes a defacto employee once their dad signs a contract with the team and shes allready learning its ok to call in sick. You enjoy driving that barbie power wheels? Well the real sugar daddy who bought it isnt your ken doll daddy, its the guy working afternoon drive calling Matt Patricia a fraud- maybe show him some repsect and call into his show to address his accusaton that he finds you annoying when your telling your dad your going outside.

This non-violent shrinking violet BS may of worked for ghandi but this is the NFL its a big boy leage. Just yesterday on the Pro Bowl, Drew Breeses rowdy boys were wailing on each other like Pete Townsend on his Gibson during the intro to Baba O’Reilly- thats what winners teach there kids, not this duck-and-cover generaton avocado stuff. You know who wasnt afraid to go on the radio as a kid? Michael Jackson. The diffrence is Jackson strapped a glove on and performed- she just let’s her dad do it.

Its also unfair that his daughter gets so much access to Tom meanwhile the rest of the Boston media is retsricted to one press conference a week and almost zero lockeroom availabilty. Hey Bradys daughter- these guys pay your dads salary the least you could do is to go on the air to defend yourself. And dont give me this ‘pick on someone your own size’ crud, a Boston sport’s talk host and Bradys daughter are fighting in the same weight class if were talking a battle of wits. Do whats right, call into WEEI to defend yourself.