8-Month-Old Delco Baby's First Word Is "Eagles"

I was ready to pan this as just a random syllable coming out of this baby’s mouth. Something like throwing a bunch of monkeys at a thousand typewriters and them eventually writing the works of Shakespeare. But after hearing it, I believe. This baby is saying “Eagles”. Babies can start speaking at 6 months, so at 8 months this kid is right on schedule. It makes sense because “Eagles” has been shouted from the rooftops ad nausea over the course of the last month. If that doesn’t ingrain the word into the freshly forming synapses of a young Drexel Hill mind, I don’t know what will. “Go Birds!” has become Philadelphia’s version of “aloha”, sufficing just as much as greeting as a farewell.

Imagine being freshly born into this Eagles season. This could be a new age for young Eagles fans. Maybe they won’t have to grow up with their sports fandom being dominated by anguish and despair. Maybe they can grow up to be smug, entitled pricks like that McGillicuddy fuck from Boston with the poster at the parades. We can only hope.

Meanwhile the internet continues to be a cesspool of wonderment.

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