A Good Run At A Fun Blackjack Table Is One Of Life's Best Times

Over the weekend, I was in Atlantic City to play a charity poker tournament. I finished 7th when 5 places paid. Was all in for 15bbs with AT and was called by J2 and I lost. Sad! But we raised a lot of money for the NJ Food Bank, feeding the homeless kids, so it’s not all that bad. And let me tell you this- they had an open bar before the tournament, which is a diabolical idea. Free drinks at the table is nice and all, but having an open bar before you start getting free drinks during a rebuy poker tournament is pure genius. Pretty sure nobody in NJ will go hungry again.



After the tournament, I hung out with some pals, drinking and what have you. I didn’t intend to gamble very much this trip, but I had hundred dollar bills burning a hole in my pocket. So instead of going to the clurb, I sauntered on over to the blackjack table. I love blackjack, but I try not to play too often because I like having money and not losing it all in 3 minutes. Maybe it was the 20 vodka sodas (diet szn!), but I had a good feeling about this one. And let me tell you, it was a fucking blast.

There might be nothing better in the world than running hot at a fun blackjack table. When everyone is playing correctly, everyone is high-fiving, taking shots, cheering each other on, and becoming best friends. It’s this little 5-7 person community where everyone has two things in common: trying really hard to do math and not making it completely obvious you are counting on your fingers, and absolutely hating whatever dealer they throw in the box. Blackjack dealers are the enemy.

When everyone is losing, it sucks. Most depressing thing ever. You can blow through cash at a $25 blackjack table quicker than you could light it on fire.

But when everyone is winning, it’s fucking unbelievable. Just a rare moment of pure bliss in life. You experience real sacrifice not seen since Jesus on the cross when someone takes a card and busts which in turn allows the other 5 players to win. And you gladly take that bullet, because you know your blackjack homies would do the same for you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 11.07.23 AM


And it got even better. Not only was I winning money but…well, you know when Happy goes to his Happy Place?

At like 2:15 am, the nice lady to my left ordered a bloody mary. I couldn’t believe it. Was I in heaven? Well, sorta. My jaw dropped. I love bloody marys, and I never even considered ordering one to the blackjack or poker table, ever. And I’ve spent so many hours at the poker table. I immediately ordered one as well. So there I was, playing blackjack at a fun table, drinking a bloody mary, and making money. That is quite literally my Happy Place.

I think this is how they get you. They let you run good in blackjack once or twice, then you need to chase the rush. You need something stronger. “Ever roll the dice before”, they ask you, full knowing you’re a vodka soda away from thinking you have a money tree growing in your back yard. For as much time I used to spend in casinos, I have only played craps a couple times, but I imagine the rush of having a hot hand at the craps table is like running hot at blackjack but on speed.

I might have not won at poker, but I got to experience that wonderful thrill of thriving at blackjack. It’s back to reality today, but those 3 hours at the table will last a lifetime.