Shout Out To This Pelicans Fan That Snuck Onto The Court During Shootaround, Stretched, And Even Got A Shot Up

We always hear about shooting your shot and living your best life, but that fan literally put those phrases into action. It doesn’t matter that he’s shaped kinda like a pear and stretches like a dickhead. Thanks to an authentic NBA hoodie and a decent-sized pair of testicles, he was one of the Pelicans for a fleeting moment. That guy was a hero in my mind just for having the stones to walk on the court and act like a jabroni. But once he called for a ball, got one, and fired that shot up, he became a legend. Granted, just the ball glancing this dude’s fingertips set off an alarm in that cop’s brain that some unathletic mamaluke was on the court and putting up a shot. But as we all know, heroes get remembered but legends never die. Then again, maybe all people that sit court side can do this shit. But since I am a peasant that sits in the 300s, I’ll never know what it’s like to shoot a jumper next to giants or just how sweet a warm towel feels in first class of an airplane.

Also I’m not sure what exactly security does at Pelicans games, but based on the video above as well as the video below, it doesn’t seem to be securing the fans from walking on the court when they aren’t supposed to.

Hot Seat: This cop and his VERY angry pointer finger