Two Big Fellas Absolutely Dominated The Houston Rockets Dance Cam Last Night

There’s coming prepared and then there’s COMING PREPARED. My two big fellas over here came to play last night in Houston. They’ve probably been waiting their whole lives for this moment. Probably bribed the camera man to make sure they got on the big screen and then they went to work. Synchronized dancing to the extreme, probably practiced this for months just for this one time under the bright lights. Couldn’t have crushed it anymore. If they made the dancing mom from the Warriors game famous then that absolutely needs to happen to these brothers no doubt about it.

Love how this guy thought he could hang ten with the Bash Bros.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.31.41 AM

Be more of a hardo, you can’t. He deserved to walk home after being dominated like that.

Shit really got weird later in the game with some mascot stuff that got out of control. What the hell is going on in Houston?