Kevin Durant DRILLS Three-Time Purple Heart Recipient and Heir To The Franzia Wine Fortune In The Face, Apologizes By Giving Him A Pair Of Stinky Sneakers

Source - The All-Star forward had to apologize to a 75-year-old fan after a basketball Durant punched into the stands hit the Marine veteran in the face and caused a gash. Durant brought Joseph Franzia, who just happens to be a three-time Purple Heart winner and member of the famed Franzia wine family, back into the locker room after the game and signed a pair of shoes for him.

That’s not a bad trade-off for taking a basketball to the face. The Warriors beat the Celtics 109-105. Durant had 20 points and nine rebounds in the win.

The apology was a nice gesture, Kevin, but it’s too little too late. You’re a dead man. Not only was the guy you hit a three-time Purple Heart recipient fully capable of killing you on his own, he’s also heir to the finest and most well connected Italian wine conglomerate ever created: Franzia. He has the means, and now the motive to wipe you off the face of the earth. I’ve watched enough Sopranos to know that if you touch a made man you get whacked.  I’m sure the stinky sneakers only made things worse. What’s he going to do with a pair of game-used size seventeens? Sell them? He’s doesn’t need the money. Guy’s made bajillions off deliciously crafted boxed-wines that comes in a variety of flavors including the house favorite “Chillable Red.”

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And will continue to do so, so long as white girls attend college. That said, judging from the video and subsequent apology, it sounds like he knew he screwed up. Not that it will help.

In all seriousness,  it is IMPOSSIBLE to look cool after getting hit in the face. Nine times out of ten it’s instant tears and a late reaction. Even Steph Curry looked like an idiot when he got hit. So props to Joe for playing it cool. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery and we see him in the crowd at the next home game.

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