Elon Musk Sold 4 Million Dollars Worth Of Flame Throwers: What WW2 Era Weapon Should Be Next?


Elon Musk has sold over $4 million worth of flamethrowers. The Boring Company is selling one flamethrower for $500 (plus tax), and Musk has been tweeting milestones as they’ve hit.

Musk sold 1,000 units in the first three hours between the night of January 27th and the early hours of the 28th, according to his tweets. He sold another 2,000 during the day, with that number reaching 7,000 early this morning. At the rate they’re selling, it’s safe to assume Musk has cleared the $4 million mark (or 8,000 flamethrowers). Musk is selling a total of 20,000 flamethrowers.

I love it! Selling some casual flamethrowers to the normal civilian… Great idea! I mean, it’s not like we are living in WWII time period where our flamethrowers need to be carried with large tanks on our backs. I love the idea of every man, woman, and child being able to shoot huge arcs of fire at a moment’s notice.

Logically, that got me thinking… What other WWII weapons should our pal and longtime stoolie Elon Musk make for mass production? Luckily… I have the answer!

1. The Vickers Machine Gun


Oh hell yes! 450 to 500 round/min and a maximum effective range of 4500 yards on an area target? Fellas, we need this.

2. Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank (PIAT)


Pesky tanks in your neighborhood? Immobilize those fuckers with your very own PIAT! Safety first with the PIAT. You gotta get within 350 yards for it to work but if you do, that tank and its tracks stand no chance.

3. Ordnance ML 4.2 inch Mortar


It’s a little heavy weighing in at over 800lbs when all is said and done. Elon probably wont have this one in production until the Tesla can improve its towing capacity. After all, having a mobile mortar weapon without the ability to have it on the go really defeats the purpose. Look for this in 2023 and not a moment sooner. Sad.

4. TM-35 mine


Imagine your pesky neighbor’s surprise when he treads on your mine’s main charge which consists of 200-gram blocks of TNT packed into the metal case. And boom goes the dynamite. Just remember: point in the direction of your enemy. People forget that.

Cannot wait to see what Elon does next. Bringing WWII weapons to peoples’ hands is fantastic and I’m just glad it finally happened. We’re on to Mars.