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A Quick Reminder To Never Piss Brock Lesnar Off Or He'll Try To Kill You


Think you’re going to get away with giving Brock Lesnar a stiff knee to the face? Think again, bucko.

Just make a note in your diary for today:

Dear Diary,

Under no circumstances will I ever piss Brock Lesnar off. If I walk in on him banging my mother, I will cheer him on. If he says grandma didn’t love Werther’s Originals, I will agree that grandma very much hated them. If he takes two bites of his pizza when he claims he will only take one, I will turn a blind eye and disregard the second bite. Otherwise he will punch me so square and hard in the face, even if I’m 6’8, 380 pounds like Braun Strowman is. That’s how much I know I should never piss him off.




It’s the best thing about Lesnar- everyone knows WWE is “scripted”, but whenever he’s in a match, he makes it feel a lot closer to UFC than WWE. He casually throws people around like rag dolls, he lands stiff punches, and he’s just an angry, large, beast of a human. And with him probably going out the door after Mania, possibly back to UFC, hopefully the WWE will be able to find someone with star power to replace him. I guess we’ll wait and see.