"Diehard Pats Fan" Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Care Who Wins the Superbowl Because He Once Played An Eagle In A Movie


USA Today – Mark Wahlberg would not be devastated if the New England Patriots suffered a shock defeat in Super Bowl LII. Wahlberg is a diehard Pats supporter, yet in an interview with Not Just Sports, a podcast hosted by NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen and his wife, former ABC and Turner Sports on-air reporter Suzy Shuster on PodcastOne, claimed his close film connection with Philadelphia had left him with a soft spot for the Eagles. “To be honest, I think the Patriots win by 17,” Wahlberg told Shuster and Eisen, also host of the Rich Eisen Show on Audience Network. “But if the Eagles win I am telling you I would be fine It is my Patriots and Eagles and I couldn’t be happier. I am very excited. It is win-win.”

Hey guess what guys? Mark wahlberg doesn’t care if the Eagles beat the Pats because Wahlberg once played Vince Papalli in a movie.  It’s a win win situation for him. Hmm that’s kind of a weird stance for a diehard pats fan wouldn’t you say? The same diehard fan who left the superbowl at halftime last year?  They just don’t make diehard fans like Marly Mark anymore. Diehard fan my ass.