Russell Westbrook Staring Down Joel Embiid And The Sixers Bench As He Ran Out The Clock Tonight Was AWESOME

OH. FUCK. YES. Jordie blogged about Embiid dunking through Russell Westbrook like he was playing a real life game of NBA Jam because Joel Embiid isn’t real life.

Of course Russ returned the favor by staring through Jojo’s soul as he pounded the ball so hard while dribbling out the clock in a win that I’m pretty sure the entire Spalding family felt it. We have had a lot of fun NBA drama lately, which all led to the NBA’s biggest and most talented troll taking on the craziest motherfucker in The Association. A match made in drama heaven. On the night of the Royal Rumble no less!


Since this was the last time the Sixers and Thunder meet this season, it could have been the last time Westbrook and Embiid shared a court. But since they are both headed to LA for the All-Star Game, Russ and Jojo get another shot to embarrass each other on the hardwood since they are on different teams. Not that it would stop Russ. I could see Westbrook throwing an alley-oop to Embiid that jusssst was a little off target and had The Process flying into the crowd and testing out his paper mache bones. God I love the NBA. I can’t wait to watch the Thunder/Sixers rivalry that I never knew I needed blossom into a great intraconferece( interconference? Whatever means East vs. West) matchup. The only game that should be penciled in for next Christmas is Thunder vs. Sixers. And give the Sixers off three days before Christmas so we know Embiid will definitely play*.

*If healthy