This Guy Who Yelled During Tiger's Putt Is Probably Dead

I WANT HIM DEAD! And my guess is he already is dead. What an idiot. The crowds at Torrey Pines this week are VERY pro-Tiger. You could hear the people in the gallery pointing out the dude who did it. I ain’t no snitch but you don’t yell during Tiger’s birdie putt. You just don’t. You definitely don’t yell during Sunday Red Tiger’s birdie putt. That’s un-American. I’d be the first person to point a finger at the culprit. I’d be the first person to lead the charge to torture the guy like Mr. Blonde. We’re all excited Tiger’s back playing but you don’t have to be a jackass about it. Even if that guy isn’t dead, he for sure got kicked out. Imagine getting the opportunity to watch Tiger Woods play golf up close and then blowing it cause you do something idiotic. That guy probably prefers to be dead.