Evanston Illinois High School Player Drilled an 80 Foot Miracle Shot at the Buzzer For the Win Last Night

I can’t even imagine being a kid that hits this kind of shot. He’s immortalized at this school forever, and he’s only a freshman. Number one play on SportsCenter and having the whole country talk about you last night. Dude probably lost his virginity last night after the game. Blake picked a great night to do this where the sports world was pretty quiet besides Boogie Cousins tearing his achilles. He’s also not some scrub either by doing some quick research. Blake Peters just sounds like a sharp shooter who’s gonna play on Valpo or something.

The best part of this is the guy’s reaction who missed the free throw that woulda put his team up 3

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.50.14 PM

Ever get a bad, bad feeling? He knew the moment Blake wrestled the rebound away and got his shot off that something really bad was about to happen. Couldn’t even look. That guy woke up this morning (if he was able to fall asleep at all) and threw up immediately. His mom probably told him it’ll all be okay it’s not his fault, but that’s the last thing he wanted to hear. Tough day to be this guy.

Wanna see something cool? Blake retweeted this Stanford buzzer beater a couple weeks ago.