Shout Out To Paulina Gretzky For Giving Me A Shout Out During Her Instagram Live

Live look at your boy

We did it fam. We did it. Paulina Gretzky knows my name and all is right in the world. Am I crazy or was there some recognition in that shout out? Like in her head she was like, “Who wants me to say hi? Barstool? Trent? Oh Trent! I know him! He’s the guy who screenshots my Instagram stories all the time! HEY TRENT!” I’m almost positive that’s what she was thinking. And I don’t wanna go too far but she might’ve blushed a little. She hid her face for at least half a second. Yeah sure she’s dating the #1 golfer in the world but there’s something to be said for the blogger who has thrown you endless compliments over the years. That’s all Im saying. What a day. What a night. Dreams come true. Hard work pays off, folks.