Kevin Love Tosses His Warmups Onto Jeff Green. Jeff Green Immediately Begins Plotting Revenge

Well, it was nice knowing Kevin Love. He had a good run. Shame it has to end this way, so unceremoniously during such a time of turmoil and dissension in Cleveland. But he’s done for out here. Uncle Jeff Green isn’t going to take this lying down, sitting down, standing up, hunched over, on a plane, on a bus, or on a train. That face he made after realizing he had another grown man’s sweaty breakaway pants – with the crotchal region specifically draped over his face – was FOR SURE not the face of a teammate who thought he was engaged in a prank just for laughs. That was a John Starks’ “Did dis dude just did dis?” face. Even Cedi Osman was upset with Kevin Love’s actions here. And when Cedi Osman gets upset with you you know you’ve gone too far. There’s at least a 94% chance that there’s a Clippers-Rockets type scenario that goes down tonight in the locker room except it’s just between the Cavs, actual punches get thrown and no one calls the cops.