Report: Mark Emmert Was Personally Told About 37 (THIRTY SEVEN) Michigan State Sexual Assaults In 2010 And Did Nothing About It

THE ATHLETIC - Though the NCAA has announced its intention to open an investigation into Michigan State’s athletic department, it remains unclear what exactly the purview of the investigation would be.

And, more importantly, why it’s taken so long to get involved.

NCAA president Mark Emmert was specifically alerted in November 2010 — six months after he was hired as the organization’s president — to 37 reports involving Michigan State athletes sexually assaulting women.

Can you believe it?

(The answer from anyone who has been following college sports and the NCAA and Mark Emmert’s work for the past 8 years): Yep.

Mark Emmert was allegedly told personally about 37 sexual assaults by Michigan State athletes and did precisely nothing about it.

Kathy Redmond, the founder of the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, provided The Athletic with a copy of the letter she sent to Emmert urging him to better protect women with new, stronger gender violence policy measures.

In the letter, which was sent after Redmond and Emmert met in person in Indianapolis to discuss the topic, she specifically highlighted concerns about Michigan State. Emmert was unavailable for comment to The Athletic on Friday afternoon.

Here is the fourth paragraph of Redmond’s letter, which is dated November 17, 2010:

For example, despite recent reports of sexual violence involving two Michigan State University (MSU) basketball players, one of which admitted to raping the victim, neither man was charged criminally or even disciplined by the school. An earlier report of similar violence involving two other MSU basketball players also went un-redressed. In the past two years alone, 37 reports of sexual assault by MSU athletes have been reported, but not one disciplinary sanction was imposed by school officials against any of the men involved.

“Mark Emmert was brand new, and he’d initially said, ‘One sexual assault is one too many,’ ” Redmond told The Athletic on Friday. “As soon as I heard that, I thought I might have an ally.”

If you are told about 1 sexual assault and do nothing about it you are a horrible human being.

If you are told about THIRTY SEVEN sexual assaults and do nothing about it and don’t even mention it until it’s uncovered and reported 8 years later…I don’t even know if they have a word for that?

[Full report from Nicole Auerbach at The Athletic]