NY Red Bulls FIFA Pro Mike LaBell Waxed The Floor With Barstool's Little Soccer Man Zah; Also, Squad Up With Fortnight LIVE At 2:15 & Super Bowl/RnR2/Life AMA

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Big time props to Major League Soccer New York Red Bulls FIFA gaming pro Mike LaBelle for swinging through and wiping the floor with our little soccer feign, Zah. Very enjoyable stuff. Esports is a fascinating new deal that’s sweeping through real life teams. Like, the MLS, the NBA is starting up Esports franchises to correspond with their actual team. For example, the Sixers are going to have a professional NBA video game squad to play other actual teams in NBA 2k18. Wild, wild stuff.

As for today, from 2:15 on we’re gonna have a little Fortnite action going down. So if you wanna join the clan or fight against the ranks, check out for instructions on how. It’ll also serve as a little AMA or “Ask Me Anything” for you noobs on Super Bowl Week, Rough N’ Rowdy, life, whatever. Now be a man, or lady, and nut up. Let’s. Go.