The Portland Trail Blazers Finally Admitted They Made A Mistake Not Drafting Kevin Durant With The First Pick Back In 2007


Blazers fans reading that tweet:

Fans of the other 29 teams reading that tweet:

Just some lighthearted Twitter fun by maybe the best NBA team account to get everyone through their Friday and into the weekend. The Blazers decided to steer into the skid of drafting a 48-year-old Greg Oden over Kevin Durant a little more than a decade ago and 34 years after they chose Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, even though Oden was pretty much the consensus number 1 pick before the draft and the Blazers already had Clyde Drexler on the roster back in 1984. But history is always unkind to the teams that end up with the short of end of the stick.

I feel like the Blazers are definitely a sneaky cursed NBA franchise, kinda like the Vikings are in the NFL. From those two draft picks to Brandon Roy’s knees turning to dust, to battling the 99-00 Lakers all the way to Game 7 before having the nail in their coffin also being an all-time NBA moment that spring boarded the Lakers to their threepeat run.

Oh yeah and that Jordan guy came back to haunt them at the worst time possible.


So at least the Blazers Twitter can have some fun with it now, along with KD, who apparently figured out making fun of yourself on social media is a better way to get people on your side than tweeting out compliments about yourself from burner accounts.


TL;DR- Playas fuck up