Sean Hannity Blows Off "Phony Sources" ... Is Later Forced To Say Fox News Confirms Sources Live On The Air

Look the temptation here is of course to Hannity bash, to call him a biased clown, to point and laugh at him being forced to blatantly backtrack then pivot as fast as possible to some car chase. But what you’d be missing is that Sean Hannity is one of the great masters of his craft of our time. He is so damn committed to the game that he is the game. His talent in spinning every single imaginable thing that occurs in the universe no matter how big or small to appease his audience and toe the conservative line is downright stunning. It’s appalling. He’s a genius. Like the ENTIRE focus of his first monologue is how you can’t trust sources and therefore this story then in the blink of an eye he confirms the sources, says “uhhhh yeah maybe Trump did want to fire Mueller does he not have that right? We’ll talk about this tomorrow DID YOU SEE THIS CAR CHASE?”

…and boom, instantly I don’t even remember what Trump shit we were talking about all I care about is this car chase. Who are we chasing? Who won? How fucking fast is that red SUV? HOLY SHIT IT HIT A CAR. I mean Hannity literally — live on the air — shoved a shock-value car chase video right in our eyeballs to distract everybody’s attention from a negative Trump story.

Sean Hannity, the consummate professional. And the vape king.