RG3 Reporting To The XFL, Johnny Football Applying To Barstool Sports

Vince McMahon wrapped up his XFL press conference around 3:35….and then not 14 minutes later, it was as if an angel from the heavens picked up a cell phone and sent out a tweet that brought a tear to my eye:

Hell yeah it is! #NoPressureNoDiamondsNation stand up! RG3 is still going to play in the NFL again, I just know it. Even if he has to go through the XFL first. Nobody gave Tommy Maddox a chance either, and then next thing he knew he was starting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully he gets back in the league next year and doesn’t have to wait til 2020 for his shot, but we’ll never give up, never surrender.

Meanwhile, it was a roller coaster of a day for one Mr. Johnny F. Football.

Makes a ton of sense, right? Most had assumed Johnny was the first call Vince made about this news. “If you aren’t back in the league in 2 years, you’ll be the face of the XFL”.

Well….life comes at you fast.


But good news, JFFaholics:

Sure would be nice to have someone to get us coffee in the morning.


And ahhh fuck it, maybe I’ll let him do a couple Eagles blogs too, just the nice kinda guy I am.