Mets Bring Back Jose Reyes On 1-Year Deal As A Utility Player...Until He Inevitably Becomes The Everyday 2nd Baseman

Look, I want to not care about this signing. I want it to be a $3 million contract for a bench player that can still run, fill in on defense around the diamond, and occasionally be the impetus for a nostalgic JOSE JOSE JOSE JOSE chant after he rips a vintage triple. But I just can’t trust the Wilpons. Not after a 33 year old Jose Reyes was our starting 3rd Baseman for the first month of the season as he batted a cool .174.

This move strikes me as the perfect way for the Mets to bring back a player that the franchise knows as a reserve and then the can blame the market when franchises that actually spend money to improve their roster start shelling out cash for middle infielders. Fucking awesome. Yeah I know Reyes hit well in the 2nd half and only occasionally made Mets fans want to drink themselves into a coma after an inning-exploding base running and/or fielding gaffe. I can live with that when it comes to a utility player, especially one on this team that knows how to steal a base. But when it’s mid-March, Reyes is still our “best” option at 2nd, every 2nd Baseman is locked up, and we get excited that someone like fucking Dan Uggla may accept an invite to Spring Training, I am going to reread this blog and laugh. Then cry. A lot. I can’t believe they are really just bringing back last year’s 70 win team and simply hope that everybody stays healthy and plays better. I mean not having Ray Ramirez around makes this not the worst plan in the world. But still, this is a big market team with little market brains (cheap, shitty little market teams, not smart little market teams). Fuck I hate the Wilpons.