Future NHL Star Pulls Off "The Michigan" in OHL Game

Who is this you ask? Graeme Clarke. A 16-year-old from Ottawa, Ontario who is currently playing for his hometown Ottawa 67’s in the OHL. Clarke was the 6th overall selection in the 2017 OHL draft and is a eligible for the 2019 NHL draft and there is no question in my mind that we will be hearing his name called after seeing his highlight reel.

Back to the actual goal. Here is the crazy thing, he has done it in a game before. Yup that’s right, Clarke has pulled off “The Michigan” not once, but twice, in a competitive game before the age of 17. That is absolutely insane.

That is Clarke at the 2016 World Selects Invitational tournament in Philadelphia.

Now, I don’t think people really understand how tough this is to pull off in a game. Any shmuck can go out with a freshly taped stick on a clean sheet of ice with no defense or goalie in the net and pull this off. But to be able to pull this off in a game, especially at such a young age, is pretty remarkable. To be able to give yourself the time and space behind the net during a full 5 on 5 game all while maintaining and cradling the puck like a lacrosse stick. Its insane.

And what would a blog about “The Michigan” be without the original.

The year was 1996 and Mike Legg of Michigan had the puck behind the net in a NCAA tournament game against the Gophers of Minnesota. With the Wolverines down Legg got the puck behind the net with a little time and put the puck on his stick and tucked it in the top corner, hereby naming the goal “The Michigan” along with the goal of the century.

Over 20 years later and players are still trying, and pulling off the amazing move. Also side note, this goal happened 5 years before Clarke was even born. Talk about a video going viral before going viral was even cool.