Katy Perry Is Trying Her Best To Kill Bitcoin

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Business Insider - Bitcoin isn’t just a wildly speculative bubble struggling not to collapse under the weight of its own success. It’s also a fashion accessory — if you’re Katy Perry, that is.

Growing numbers of celebrities are lining up to praise the purported wonders of the cryptocurrency boom, and the pop star is joining their ranks. On Thursday, she posted a photo to her Instagram account of her nails painted with the logos of various high-profile cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is there, along with its smaller sibling litecoin, as well as ethereum and the privacy-focused monero. The caption? “$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$”.

And this isn’t the first time Perry has used cryptocurrencies to promote her personal brand. Back in November 2017, she posted a photo of herself having a chat with legendary investor Warren Buffett. “nbd just asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on cryptocurrency,” she wrote.

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What a try-hard move by Katy Perry here. She always follows the pack instead of being the leader. She just hops on any bandwagon, whatever is hot in the streets, and tries to act like she’s the cool kid. Nobody is buying it, Katy. If Pogs got popular again next week, she’d be walking around with Pogs glued to her fingers. But since Bitcoin and Crypto is hot in the streets right now, she’s cool girl Katy with ETH and BTC and some alt coins on her tips.

“But Nate, this is good for Bitcoin, we want more rich people in the Crypto streets”. No, fuck that. Anything Katy Perry touches turns to poop. She’s the anti-Midas touch. I might sell all my BTC right now. And buddy, I’ve been buying every single dip. But if Katy Perry is putting her grubby, stupid haircut paws on my Bitcoin, then this might be the end of the road for me. I bet Taylor already has whatever the technology after Bitcoin is. She probably already has flying cars and teleportation. Not stupid Litecoin on her fingernails.