The Commandant Of The Marine Corps Compares War With Korea To The Game Of Thrones


I love this from the ole CMC. Plus, I like the idea of Marines not giving a fuck about if there are dragons on the other side of the wall now. They might have a dragon or two but we still have the greatest stockpile of dragons in the world minus Russia. Additionally, I hope no one ever uses their dragons because dragons are, lest we forget, extremely deadly.

Gotta respect General Neller for breaking things down Barney style enough for young troops to understand. Lots of times, old heads can talk to the young guns in ways that are over their heads. They use words and phrases like cross theatre combative movements and explain theories that go way over the younger enlisted folks’ head. Using Game of Thrones analogies to explain the complexities and dangers of war with North Korea is a great thing. I’m a big General Neller guy. He’s my Khalessi, and you gotta think under Neller’s leadership, he’d have Kim Jong Un swaying his tits through the streets of Pyongyang in no time.

Shame Shame Shame for that goofy ass haircut, Kim. Shame.