Inspiration To Everyone - Woman Who Was Shot in the Head at Las Vegas Shooting And Told She Would Die Now Leaving Hospital For The First Time

Daily Mail

A woman who was shot in the head during the Las Vegas mass shooting has left hospital after what doctors say has been a miraculous recovery. Jovanna Calzadillas, from Arizona, will leave Barrow Neurological Institute Thursday in Phoenic and go home with her husband and two children.

They were cheering for country singer Jason Aldean when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort. He killed 58 people and wounded 851 others before killing himself. A critically wounded Calzadillas was taken to University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Three doctors told her husband there was nothing they could do and she had a ‘non-survivable injury.’

She arrived at Barrow on October 19. One of her physicians, Dr. Lindley Bliss, said Calzadillas could not breathe on her own, was on a respirator and that her prognosis was ‘pretty grim.’ By the beginning of November, she no longer needed a ventilator. Two weeks later, she could drink from a cup on her own and eat ice cream.

She has since been going for short walks with the help of a device called an exoskeleton, a wearable robot designed to help patients with brain injuries walk. Her speech also began coming back. Her first words? ‘God damn it,’ according to Frank Calzadillas. ‘Her dad told her “Don’t say that. You’re supposed to be the miracle child”.’

Big time news out of Las Vegas where Jovanna Calzadillas has made a dream recovery and is leaving a hospital for the first time since being shot in the head during the horrifying shooting in Vegas back in October. Every doctor didn’t give her a chance and even talked to her husband about donating organs. I can’t imagine being the husband having to talk to doctors about possibly pulling the plug and talk about after-death affairs about your wife. Doctors literally said she had a “non-survivable” injury. When you’ve got doctors saying, “Her recovery is one of the most profound I’ve seen in my medical career,” that’s pretty fucking awesome. Out of a movie script Jovanna didn’t quit and has now made a defying science recovery. She can talk again, eat and drink by herself, and walk with this walker/exo-skeleton assistance.

Obviously we’re a comedy website, but this story is just flat out incredible I had to share it. What that monster Stephen Paddock did in Las Vegas from that hotel room was one of the more malicious acts ever committed on our soil. 58 people lost their lives that day, but Jovanna told death “fuck you” and would not quit. That’s as inspiring as it gets folks.

‘My kids and my family – I will not quit on them and I will not quit on myself.’

This will 1000% be a movie one day and I can’t wait for it.