Hot Sauce Going 1-On-1 With A Fan And Putting Him In A Blender During A Hawks Game Is The Greatest/Meanest Idea Ever

HOTTTTT SIZZLLLLLLE. Atlanta sports may not have figured out the whole “How to win a championship” thing, but they have the in-arena entertainment down pat. We have seen Red Panda slip a bit and the monkey riding the dog will always be entertaining as hell. But I think watching a fan getting his ankles ritually sacrificed to the basketball gods is the best way to spend the time it takes for coaches and players to make their adjustments. The locals sure as shit aren’t coming out to watch the Hawks play, but watching one of their own get killed on the court is certainly worth the price of admission.

The only question is how long will Hawks fans want to take the hardwood against a living And 1 legend only to get embarrassed. To go from choosing between bottled beer or draft beer at the concession stand to trying to D up a guy with a 99 Ball Handling rating while wearing street clothes is as unfair as it gets. Yeah you can mentally prep yourself and say don’t bite on the jab step. But as Mike Tyson says, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Or in this case get a ball directly to the face. I gotta admit that move was as perfect as it was disrespectful. This kid was already probably blinded by the bright lights. To then make him see stars by impounding the word Spalding on his forehead was some true Sun Tzu shit. Hot Sauce had his bucket the moment that ball bounced back to him.

For a fan to go through all that just to get a free set of tires seems crazy to me. Because once you go viral for getting crossed to hell and back on the internet, the only thing you probably want to do is get into your car and drive off the nearest bridge. A regular set of generic brand tires can handle that task just fine.