Michigan State Is Still Sending Bills To A Girl For Her Appointments With Larry Nassar...Yes The Larry Nassar Who Sexually Assaulted Her

YAHOODisgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar’s sentencing entered its fifth day in a Michigan courtroom on Monday, when the number of sexual assault survivor impact statements eclipsed 100, and among the morning’s powerful speakers was 15-year-old Emma Ann Miller.

Miller was not shaken by Nassar’s presence, informing Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina and the courtroom that — one year after USA Gymnastics reportedly fired Nassar amid complaints of abuse and one week before Michigan State University did the same — she may have been the doctor’s final victim. Miller then turned her focus to MSU Sports Medicine, where Nassar was employed until September of 2016.

That’s right: Miller, standing beside her mother, told the court that the state university’s clinic is still billing them for the appointments during which she was allegedly abused — all while at least 14 MSU employees reportedly knew of Nassar’s behavior as early as 1997.

I think it’s safe to say Michigan State University has handled this scandal in the most exact opposite way of how the situation should be handled?  Like every step of the way: wrong.  Kind of the icing on the cake right here too.  Just the most “kick em when they’re down” PR disaster.  You employed a serial sexual assaulter, allegedly did nothing about it despite numerous reports, had the school president come out with snarky, defiant comments about all of it, fire her while facing calls to have the entire administration fired….and send a bill to one of Nassar’s victims for services provided.  Services which included, but were not limited to: sexual assault, molestation.

Bad look!

This girl Emma Ann Miller is a certified badass by the way.  15 years old and looking her assaulter right in the eyes and burying him.

MSU, get your shit together.

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