It's Official: We're Super Bowl Bound

And just like that (via late night confirmation email), we’re off to Mindianapolis. The bossman who also triples as the enemy of the state and Lucifer gave official word that not only I, but the entire #PhillyThree will be heading to Minnesota for Super Bowl week. I gotta say, it was fight, but we earned a place at the table. More to come, obviously, but we all we got. We all we need. Good thing Donovan McNate can spin away in his hamster wheel in NYC attempting to do everyone else’s job but his own!

This was legitimately part of the Super Bowl email. If you think I need to be told to sleep next to the heavy bag during Rough N’ Rowdy training, then you don’t know Smitty.


As far as accommodations go Brett will have a housing list. Some guys may end up on floors on leesa mattresses. Apparently there is a gym in one house with a heavy bag. Smitty you will sleep there and tie it in with Rough N Rowdy.

Joke’s on them. I would’ve slept in the sewer if it came down to it.

PS – The children. Save the children. Go Birds.