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Jerry Reinsdorf Issues Statement On Donald Sterling



(Source) “We completely support Commissioner Silver’s decision today regarding Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and praise him for his prompt investigation and action.  The Commissioner was correct to ban Mr. Sterling from all official NBA business, to levy the stiffest allowable fine, and we will support his recommendation to press for Mr. Sterling to relinquish his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise.  We believe Commissioner Silver’s decision reflects the best interests of the NBA and public civility.

“The league’s decision underscores the severity and reprehensible nature of the comments attributed to Donald Sterling.  These comments in no way reflect the attitude, values, and culture of the Bulls and White Sox organizations.  This behavior cannot be tolerated in any form.

“Discrimination and prejudice of any kind have no place in sports or in our society.’’



Good on Reinsdorf.  For those that don’t know  he’s long time friends with Sterling and if we know one thing about Reinsdorf it’s that he may be the most loyal guy on planet earth. Once you’re in you’re in. A lot of local media have been calling for him to speak out about this because of that fact. Thinking he needs to distance himself from Sterling, which is true, but I think we can all give Reinsdorf the benefit of the doubt here. He’s earned that. Look at his track record, he’s clearly one of the more progressive owners in Basketball/Baseball. He hired and promoted Kenny Williams, one of the few African Americans in a front office position. Hired Ozzie Guillen to manage the White Sox, Bill Cartwright to coach the Bulls and so on and so forth. So he was friends with Donald Sterling, I won’t defend him on that but I also am not going to call for his head because his friends are assholes even though he clearly is not. That’s a little over the top if you ask me. Pussification of America type shit.