Andre Drummond Got Snubbed From the All Star Game and Was Furious, Took a Nice Shot at the Warriors

Every year there are All-Star snubs in every sport. There are only “x” amount of slots on a roster with so many talented players in each league so it only makes sense. But for Andre Drummond to not make the Eastern Conference All Star team this year is insanity. The dude is not only having a career year, but having one of the more unique great seasons by a center in a long, long time. Drummond average 14.3 points, 15 rebounds (league high), and a career high 3.9 assists (previous high being 1.1). No one who’s averaged over 14 boards a game has put up those assist numbers since Barkley in the mid 80’s. That Barkley guy wasn’t too shabby either. Somehow Al Horford and Kevin Love snuck in ahead of him. What do they have? They play in bigger markets on better teams. Drummond is stuck in Detroit on a fringe playoff team.

I love the shot at the Warriors though. Another team that’s way more popular than Detroit by a million miles. They landed four all stars yesterday, and to be fair every single one of them deserved with the seasons they’re all having, but they’re also super flashy which Drummond is not. I wouldn’t be opposed to Drummond doing front-flip dunks and going in full-assassin mode to make himself more marketable/notable. When you’re having the season Drummond is having you shouldn’t have to scratch and claw and pray someone gets hurt to make the All-Star team. He should’ve been the first reserve listed for Christ sakes.

**I guess it wasn’t obvious that the back-flipping tweet was a shot at the Warriors? I mean that was definitely a shot at the Warriors who celebrate practically every shot they make