In The Midst Of All This Lebron Dick Sucking Going On The Cavs Got Destroyed Yet Again


Listen I get that scoring 30,0000 points is a big deal. I get it. I understand that. I’m no stranger to major accomplishments. (hint – we just announced we are worth 100 million dollars.  Kind of a big deal)  But the bigger story for me and anybody with a brain is the utter and complete demise of the Cleveland Cavs and Lebron James legacy. I mean if I didn’t know any better I would have thought the Cavs were defending champs and on a 10 game win streak. Not that they’ve lost 6 of 7, get blown out every night, are stabbing each other in the back and are the worst team in the league. Lebron is too busy sucking his own dick and writing heartfelt poems to himself to even notice the debacle around him. It’s surreal. I’ve never seen an athlete fall faster from grace since the days of Tiger Woods getting whooped with a golf club by Elin.   Last night shouldn’t have been a 30,000 point celebration but a retirement celebration instead because his career is essentially over.