Erykah Badu Thinks Hitler Wasnt All Bad Because Hitler Could Paint A Little Bit

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What a wild line of thinking. People are at the point where they are just trying to be so woke that they appear to be sleepy to reality. Saying that you see some good in Hitler because he was a good painter is an insane way to go through life.

I had never really heard that Hitler was a good painter but let’s take a look at some of his work.




I have to admit. Those are pretty good. Are they great? Not really. I mean, if one of my friends painted those pictures I would be pretty impressed but if that friend then went on to kill 6 million Jewish people and become one of the worst killers in the history of Earth, I probably wouldn’t site his ability to paint muddled landscapes and buildings as a counterpoint to his evil. That’s just me but then again, I’m not a Pisces. I’m a Leo. Leos think Hitler is all bad. I love stars.

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So woke that she needs a nap. Erykah needs to switch to decaf imo.