Many People Are Saying It Would Make Me A #CompanyGuy To Be The New Eagles Blogger

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There’s a lot of scuttlebutt flying around Barstool HQ and the Barstool Universe today. So I’m here to clear up all rumors and myths, and set the record straight once and for all.

If you watched Stool Scenes last night, you would have seen many people were quite upset that Adam “Smitty” Smith went to sleep at 11:37 instead of covering his team’s Super Bowl berth. His excuse was he was tired. Very fair! I get sleepy all the time. I’m the sleepiest guy I know. So I’ll never get mad at anyone for taking a tiger snooze. You can even see in Stool Scenes that I told Dave I took no pleasure in his blog that buried Smitty. Riggs wrote a blog saying “Today Is Nate’s Super Bowl” because Pres was bodying Smitty left and right, but it’s simply not true. I was only focused on myself and my own pageviews, not his. People in the Barstool Universe were clamoring “be a spider monkey, be a spider monkey!”, but I decided against it. I didn’t blog about it, I didn’t hop on radio, I only sent one tweet poking fun at it when the above “Fly Eagles Fly” followed me. Ok, and maybe a couple jabs in a couple of blogs. But to be fair, it could have been a lot worse, I think we can all agree.

But as is tradition, Smitty lost his cool at me, because that’s what he does. I could have gone in heavy, I could have talked about how he did 1 blog in 4 days leading up to the NFC Championship game, but I didn’t. Coulda talked about how it’s pretty much our number 1 job responsibility to cover our teams whenever they win a big game, but I didn’t. Shout out to Coley for his wall to wall coverage, fantastic stuff. I for the most part kept to myself- I was only #2 in pageviews last week, it’s going to take a lot more to get to number 1.

Thus, the perfect opportunity.

Smitty is too busy training for Rough n Rowdy and hosting Game Time to blog the Eagles. That’s where I step in. I’m a blogger down to my core. It runs through my blood. So I don’t know why he is so upset that I am the new Eagles blogger? Doesn’t seem like he’s being a #CompanyGuy in this situation. Sad! It’s what is best for everyone. The Eagles get covered front to back, and he has more time to do everything else. What about Jordie though? Well, minor league lacrosse isn’t just going to blog itself. Win-win-win.

The people, who I do it all for, love it.


I wear many hats, and not only because I’m 29 and have a bald spot that could rival Dr. Phil’s. It’s because I love the game, I love this $100 million company, and I love the pageviews. Many people are saying I wouldn’t be a Company Man if I didn’t become the new Eagles blogger. And I won’t let that happen. Not on my watch. No sir.

Now if you excuse me, I have some blogs to write.

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*Partiots. To write like an Eagles fan, you gotta spell like one too. Old blogging trick.