A Real Shock: Cheese Rolling Race Canceled And Is No Longer Considered Cool AF


An annual cheese rolling event in a village famed for its dairy connections has been cancelled as it is no longer seen as “cool”, organisers said.

It has taken place for more than 50 years in Stilton, Cambridgeshire, which some claim to be the true home of its namesake cheese.

However, the organisers canceled the May event citing a lack of interest, the Peterborough Telegraph reported.

Well, this stinks. Every year I look forward to this event. You roll some cheese down the street and buddy,,, I’m watching. I’m cheering. I’m dancing. I’m shaking my ass all over the joint just waiting for you to roll that log of creamy goodness over the finish line. I guess people just dont appreciate the simpler things in life. In my day, people would wait in tents for weeks to have the chance to see someone roll the cheese. Now, with the Internet, people can watch cheese get rolled any ole time they want. Sad too. Rolling cheese races are like sex: anticipation makes them better. If you can have it on demand, it seems less special.

“Hey Chaps. Decent blog but I was here for the cheese flying down the mountain and people blowing their legs out. Kinda disappointed.”

Dont be. I knew some of yall were here for that too. Here you go.