According To Elliotte Friedman, Rumors Are Floating That Joel Quenneville Could Be In Trouble

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The Blackhawks have tried everything. They’ve made BIG trades. They’ve made small trades. They’ve called guys up. They’ve sent guys down. They fired assistants. They’ve juggled the lines. And this where the Blackhawks are with 35 games left to go in the season. There are no more levers left to pull.

There is a nuclear bomb button to push though and that would be firing Joel Quenneville. Joel, for whatever reason, never got proper respect from this city as one of the greatest coaches who ever lived. But after 8 seasons, two consecutive first round exits, a widely reported rumor of a rift with Stan Bowman, and a team that has it’s playoff hopes on life support Joel Quenneville is on the hot seat. I love Joel Quenneville. I certainly don’t think this season is on him, per se, but all hockey coaches have a shelf-life and maybe Joel has hit his. It really hard to believe because Joel is known as a players coach, but again…the proof might just be in the pudding. The team has been a collosal disappointment. Everyone is on the hot seat. Stan Bowman included. Pittsburgh and Boston both had great turn arounds in the two previous years after mid-season coaching changes. Perhaps Stan thinks he can throw Joel overboard to save his own neck.

I thought Joel was in BIG trouble in December after losses to Dallas, LA, and an embarassing loss to Washington. But then the team won 5 straight including two impressive wins vs Winnipeg and Minnesota. It seemed like they had turned a corner, but a month later things have gone from bad to worse.

The fact that it comes from Elliotte Friedman is significant too. If you read his 31 Thoughts column regularly you know that he doesn’t have Blackhawks nuggets very often. If he’s running with this must mean his source for the rumor is at least somewhat legit. Troubling news. We have entered the surreal with this team. A 3x Stanley Cup Champion coach signed through 2020 at $6M/year and the owner of 873 wins might get fired. He could get a statue and a pink slip.