After Putting Rone In A Mousetrap Last Night I Think I’m the New Battle Rap Champion of the World

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So last night as I was going to bed Rone chirped me out of the clouds saying we should donate proceeds of our Philly shirts to Philly Public Schools. Like I give a fuck about Philly public schools. I do give a fuck about having 9,000 Philly bloggers on staff and paying their salaries and paying for their trip to the Superbowl. I do care about the fact that we haven’t made a red cent on Barstool Philly in a decade and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their salaries. So sorry if I’m not ready when for the first time in the history of the company people are buying their shirts that I don’t want to donate to a school I don’t care about. Patriot shirts have built this company. Philly has 1 shirt and suddenly want me to give back the profits. But being the humanitarian I am if Rone cares so much about Philly Public Schools I offered to donate 10K if he and the Philly crew stay in NY and do the electric factory with the rest of the Philly crew. Seems like a VERY generous move by me. Now Rone is talking fast and making no sense. Frankly I expected more out of the “smart” guy in the Philly crew.