People Waited In Hour Long Lines To Get Into Amazon's Lineless Grocery Store

It’s like raiiiiiiiiiiiin, on your wedding day! It’s a wait in line, when there is no line in to wait. It’s good adviceeeeee, that you just can’t take. Blah blah blah blah, blahblahblahhhhh.

This is so hipster Seattle, people standing in hour long lines to go to a grocery store. But the store itself…I love it. Because I love when the future takes over. When things we couldn’t have imagined even 10 years ago coming true. You legit just take things off the shelf, and it knows. You put it back…it knows. It’s big brother to the millionth degree and I don’t give a fuck at all. More facial recognition, more tracking my every move, who cares anymore? Pretty sure the CIA admitted they track our every step and everyone just continued on with life. So if I walk into the Amazon Store and they automatically point me in the direction of the frozen pizzas, I’ll just tip my cap. Thank you for spying on me and making my life easier.



Am I concerned about the the robots taking over? A little, but I’ll be long dead by then. We already know robots can cook better cheeseburgers, have better sex, and now can check us out of the grocery store better than people. Eventually we’ll have zero need for people, so we’ll transport ourselves into a virtual world where the robots haven’t taken over, and then we will forget that we live in a virtual world while the robots continue to take over Earth until we are only living in a virtual world, but since we aren’t really alive, are we living there at all? Something to consider. Thanks, Amazon.