Charlie McAvoy To Miss Two Weeks With Ticker Issue; Marc Savard Officially Retires From NHL

Within two hours on Twitter yesterday, hockey fans were twice reminded about just how fragile an NHL career can be sometimes.

At 2PM, Marc Savard, arguably the best dish-man since Adam Oates and an essential component of the Bruins revitalization in Boston, officially retired from the league that provided him with his highest highs and lowest lows. The playmaking extraordinaire played his last game exactly seven years ago today when he was concussed after a hit by Matt Hunwick. The real damage, of course, came well before that in an incident in which the NHL should still hang its head in shame for its lack of punishment.

Because injured players don’t retire unless they hate money, Savard’s contract, which was maybe the best bargain in the league, was traded to Florida then New Jersey before expiring after last season. But Savard didn’t make it official until yesterday.

There aren’t many things in sports that genuinely sadden me when I think about them. But Marc Savard’s playing career might be at the top of the list. A point-per-game Bruin, his career was peaking and the sky was the limit. It’s hardly a stretch to think he’d still be playing well today at 40. And it was taken so cruelly and senselessly.

I’d really love to see his coaching career take off and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see him back in the show behind a bench some day. Best of luck, Savvy. You’re always loved here in Boston.

At 4PM, the Bruins stunned everybody with a “Oh hey, Chucky Mac has heart palps but it’s not a big deal” story they tweeted from the clouds.

McAvoy had palpitations after a game awhile back then was monitored before finally having a procedure to fix it. It always easier to say other people’s heart problems are “nothing major” or “he’ll be fine”. It’s scary as fuck when it’s your ticker or your spouse’s or best friend’s. But from everything I read, this is actually a pretty common thing and really shouldn’t have any effect on his blossoming career. And nobody’s bodies are monitored more than pro athletes so if there’s any lingering issues, doctors will be right on top of it.

As for the on-ice aspect, Kevan Miller will slide into McAvoy’s slot and Butch can worry about who comes out in two weeks (barring another injury). It’ll be interesting to see how the D looks without its best player. But I don’t anticipate any problems with the way this team is going right now. I’m glad Chucky’s gonna be fine because health is paramount.