Every Big Name Tennis Player's Body is Breaking Down Meanwhile 36 Year-Old Roger Federer is Dominating Everyone

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I feel like I wrote this blog last year when Fed ran train on the 2017 Aussie Open en route to grand slam title number 18. It was a magical run that ended in an incredible five set marathon match against Nadal. After that he destroyed Wimbledon, not dropping a set, even forcing his opponent Marin Cilic to cry in the second set because of how bad he was getting beat. As Federer is doing this, every other big name rival of his has seen their body breakdown, meanwhile Roger is thriving. Novak Djokovic’s elbow has basically changed the type of player he is and I’m not sure he’ll ever be the same. Andy Murray’s hip problems might end his career at this point, Stan Wawrinka’s knee continues to bother him as he played this Aussie Open on one leg basically, and Rafa Nadal just had to retire from a match last round because of a muscle strain. All of these guys are breaking down, meanwhile the GOAT just pummels people.

Federer faced 19th overall Tomas Berdych last night and dismantled him. Granted he’s now 20-6 career head to head against the Czech so I don’t think anyone was shocked in the slightest by the scoreline. The match wasn’t even that exciting, but Fed had a few ridiculous shots.

Dude takes eight minutes to talk on the court after the match meanwhile most American pro athletes get bothered by 30 second immediate post game interviews. He’s incredible.

Roger is 36 and looks not a day over 24 on the court. There’s all this new wave of “Next-Gen” players like Zverev, Krygios, and Dimitrov, but none of them hold a fucking candle to the Swiss Maestro on the court right now. Next up is Korean sensation Hyeon Chung. Chung has made a ton of noise this tournament as a 21 year old, as he’s taken down both Zverev brothers and Djokovic. His return game is awesome, but his serve isn’t strong yet. Sooner rather than later he’ll be a perennial top 10 player, but not right this second. Federer will break him down because he’s Fed. Maybe Chung grabs a set and break Roger’s perfect streak, but that’s all I can see happening. Roger is listed as a -625 favorite right now vs. Chung and a -220 favorite to win the whole thing. It’s all a joke. It’s Roger Federer’s universe we’re just all living in it.


It’s crazy a few years ago people on TV actually debated who would win another major championship next? Roger Federer or Tiger Woods? Fed is the fucking GOAT and it’s a privilege we can still watch his greatness in the year 2018. Savor it.