The Walk To Lincoln Financial Field For Vikings Fans Looked Like Hell

Lets be clear. No one in this video is really out of line. It’s just a barrage of shit talking. It’s obnoxious as hell, but that’s what you get walking through a lot of high school and college students getting shitfaced before the biggest playoff game of their young lives. The video starts off wild, with some kind of flare like it’s a European soccer match, but hearing “BOO” and “FUCK YOU” isn’t really beyond the pale. It’s just annoying. The Vikings fans were promised a volatile environment and they got it.

My REAL favorite “obnoxious fan” video is this one.

I’ve watched it a dozen times. The way the Vikings fan protests, saying this isn’t the treatment Eagles fans would get in Minnesota, just tickles me pink. Any video that ends mid-scream really does it for me.

Lets be clear though. There are trash fans in every city. Case in point? This Vikings fan spitting on Eagles fans. They do trashy in every city. Philly’s just better at it.

EDIT: More trash.