The Ever Humble Lebron James Congratulates Himself On Scoring 30,000 Points Before He Even Gets It As The Cavs Continue To Flounder


Holy shit. Just when I think Bron Bron can’t top himself he does the impossible and does something like this. Seriously this may be his greatest triumph. I mean in the midst of the most embarrassing, degrading, humiliating run of his career he manages to take time out to write an essay to himself congratulating himself on an accomplishment he hasn’t even achieved yet. It would be one thing if the Cavs weren’t coming off a 100 point loss to the Thunder. If they hadn’t lost 5 out of six. If he wasn’t calling team meetings to make fun of Kevin Love. But to suck your own dick while your team is in chaos? That’s when he chooses to do this? Are you fucking kidding me? Imagine being his teammate?  You are worried about winning games and this idiot is bragging about himself like everything is all hunky dory? If there was ever any doubt that Lebron cared about anybody but himself this should be the final nail in the coffin. I mean we already knew he was the most self absorbed douchebag on the planet, but this surprised even me. It would be real shame if he broke his ankle and never got the record huh? A real shame.