Make Sunday Night Baseball Great Again: A-Rod Officially Joins ESPN's Broadcast Booth But Also Stays On Fox For The Playoffs


Earlier this month news leaked out of ESPN that they were in hot pursuit of A-Rod to hopefully save their crumbling entity that is Sunday Night Baseball. With Aaron Boone departing for the Yankees managerial position and Dan Shulman heading back to Toronto, that left us with only Jessica Mendoza as the only returning member in the booth (puts a gun in my mouth). That left ESPN with a feeling of desperation of how to bring back Sunday Night Baseball with a splash. That splash is a big one. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez

At the beginning of the month I wrote a blog on the rumors and I was pissed for one reason….

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.41.09 AM

I was pissed because it likely meant he would be leaving Fox all together and therefore we’d lose him for the postseason. A-Rod teamed up with Big Papi Frank Thomas and Kevin Burkhardt became one of my favorite sports postgame shows on TV. Every single night it was pure entertainment and you actually learned shit. Well, it seems like Fox and ESPN worked out an agreement where A-Rod could swing both jobs without issue. Based off precedent this was not expected because Fox doesn’t like to share employees like that, but with Dinsey’s recent acquisition of Fox that may have swung things in ESPN’s favor. This is the best case scenario BY FAR.

Now we find out who the play-by-play man will be. According to early reports, A-Rod really wanted to hand-pick his play-by-play guy and wanted MLB Network’s Matt Vasgersian. That would be fucking awesome, but it remains to be seen if Vasgersian can be pried away from a gig he loves over at MLB. The likely replacement for Shulman will be Jon Sciambi who has worked ESPN Radio’s broadcast on Sunday Night for a little bit. Either way, this is awesome news and a big time get for ESPN. Do I have to put up with the horrible Jessica Mendoza now instead of muting the whole thing entirely? Yeah, but I’ll do that for A-Rod. I’m fucking pumped.

P.S. I’m not sure where this leaves Big Cat’s relationship with A-Rod. Could signing with ESPN be in response to Dan missing ARod Corp’s big meeting?