United Airlines Has Got To Be Psychotic Offering This Special Flight Home to Philly After The Super Bowl at 2AM

There’s a serious chance this plane goes down. If the Eagles don’t pull off the upset in two weeks and this plane is full of incapacitated, drunk, pissed off Eagles fans then God bless the flight attendants trying to keep order on this flight. It’s gotta be one of those situations where a bunch of them just draw straws like in Armageddon about who is gonna stay on the asteroid and press the button. I think I’d rather be Bruce Willis and at least save the world than have to endure that three hour flight just to go home.

We haven’t even gotten into the price of admission yet. $1000 for a three hour flight roundtrip is lunacy island. Do you really have to be back by 6am that you have to drop a quick G? You have to have one sick day you can use to call out of work. If you told me I could go to the Super Bowl but I have to take this flight home I’d say no. This will be the worst in-flight/non-terroristic flight experience in the history of in-air travel.

This all being said, if we got someone with a camera for the full three hours just to film the events that unfolded it would be incredible content. Just pure chaos. Might be a good incentive for one of the Philly crew to take up on. You can go to the Super Bowl, but you have to take the flight home from hell at 2am and risk your life.