Win Your Way To Minnesota With The Barstool VIP Experience. Contest Ends Tomorrow At 9pm.

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FOLKS… here’s your chance. The most exclusive event that will take place in Minnesota, so exclusive that I’m not even sure if I’m invited but I still have to blog about it, and you’ve got a chance to win your way in. The place will be jam packed with celebrities, it was the hottest guest list in Houston last year and it will be in Minneapolis this year.

But John, how? How could it be me?!

Excellent question and I’ll tell you. It’s very simple, all you have to do to enter your info here. This is your LAST CHANCE so don’t be a fool and get left out. You get all expenses paid, round trip flights, two days at an AirBNB, and the chance to party with a bunch of celebrities and also Barstool folks.

ALSO if you buy a MVMT watch with the promo code BARSTOOLVIP then you get ten additional entries so you’re significantly increasing your chance to win. Buy a watch for yourself, buy one for your girlfriend since Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’ll prob need to be on her good side when you tell her you’re going to the Barstool Party, and up those odds. and promo code BARSTOOLVIP to make all your dreams come true.

PS – I hate having to call it “The Big Game” but I hate getting the company sued more.