WWE Wrestler Enzo Amore Accused Of Rape

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Alright, so I have no fucking idea if any of this is true, but since I’m the wrestling guy and it’s gaining hundreds of retweets, I should probably be posting it. It would be absolutely fucking insane if it were true, but again, this is only an accusation. The tale of the rape states that marijuana, cocaine, and meth were being used at the time of the rape. Another thing that’s worth bringing up is this video made by the accuser two weeks ago, found by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, where she accuses an ex-boyfriend of raping her and talks about her excessive drug use and apparent psychosis. On the flip side, Enzo has been rumored to have changed drastically in the past few months, which included him hanging around shady characters, bringing shady characters (strippers) backstage to WWE events, and…this is the big one, bragging excessively about his fame. I say that’s the big one because she says Enzo talked about his numbers on Instagram, which does sound like something he’d say, but I’m not going to make too many assumptions based on that. This story is still developing.